Under the Sun by aAron Munson and Mark Pritchard

Evolving Anatomies by Sean Caulfield, Marilene Oliver and Scott Smallwood

Solastalgia by Brad Necyk and Dan Harvey

Anticipated Alliterations (Body Talk) by 34DD Gary James Joynes and Kasie Campbell

Light Touch by Liz Ingram and Bernd Hildebrant

Deep Connection and Body Invaders by Marilene Oliver

Works by Royden Mills, Blair Brennan and Paul Harrison

Eve 2050 by Isabelle Van Grimde

Human in the Loop by the A-Life Team

Soliliquies for Shy Deer by Yves Netzhammer

Graduate Student Work by Xi Jin, Jingu Zhang, Phobe Todd-Parrish, Luke Johnson, Holly de Moissac, Tamires Para, Jamie-Lee Girodat and Selene Huff

Undergraduate work

Archipelago by Daniel Evans

Twin Flames by Stephanie Patsula