The following conversations are with some of the artists and key minds behind the scenes of Dyscorpia. Ranging from the political to the philosophical, from the personal to the aesthetic, they provide a glimpse into the ambition and scope of this interdisciplinary project.  – Jonathan Garfinkel, April 2019


Isabelle van Grimde

Eve 2050


Vadim Bulitko

A-Life Project, co-organizer of Dyscorpia


Sean Caulfield

Evolving Anatomies, co-organizer of Dyscorpia


Yves Netzhammer

Soliloquies Approach Like Shy Deer


Holly de Moissac

MFA student, Lingering on the Surface


Daniel Evans

MFA student, Archipelago


Daniel Laforest

Writer, researcher, translator, co-organizer of Dyscorpia


Astrid Ensslin

Curator of Stories in Flesh and Bytes, co-organizer of Dyscorpia