We are both witness to and removed from the Anthropocene era. We know of the looming disasters our earth has in store, but many of us do not experience it – yet. This psychological distance has profound and disturbing resonances in our bodies and interior landscapes. As we oscillate between hope and despair, we live in an epidemic of innovation and longing, forecasting – simultaneously – a golden age of utility and apocalypse. How do we navigate these contradictions? What can art reveal of our era’s collective anxiety and individual angsts? These artists express the turmoil and hope of our age. Mirrors of the imminent, maps of worlds both familiar and uncanny, we yearn to make the un-homelike home again. For as the Anthropocene and its effects accelerate, so will our need to adapt, to innovate, to transcend. What will this look like?


Brad Necyk and Dan Harvey; aAron Munson; Tammy Salzl; Royden Mills; Luke Johnson; Jingyu Zhang; Andrea Larsen; Ruth Willms; Christina Zhu

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