What will our bodies look like in thirty years from now? In a century? What morph and twist and code? How will we (em)body ourselves onto the world? In our dance with knowledge, in our yearning for greater, these artists explore the consequences of now, imaging better.

Artificial Intelligence – the intelligent virtual – is changing the way we think about and know the world and ourselves. What kinds of bodies, human proxies are being imagined and created for AI? What is the body good for in a world where AI is increasingly privileged? What do we want AI for and what is deep learning from? And what do we learn from it?

These artists’ works forecast worlds, project realities. Beautiful, frightening, we enter our alien potential. Visitations by ourselves, our machines, a new body-technology. Futured space. Begging the question: as we grow into technology, does technology grow into us?


A-Life team; Marilene Oliver; Gary James Joynes; Yves Netzhammer; Phoebe Todd-Parrish; Kev Liang; Jamie-Lee Girodat; Chantal Schultz; Nicholas Hertz; Breanna Thompson; Jerad Bech; Jesse Thomas

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