EVE 2050

Isabelle Van Grimde 

Eve 2050 is an 18 minute film created by Isabelle Van Grimde in collaboration with DAVAI. It is part of a triptych which also includes an interactive installation and a stage production (the latter will be presented in Edmonton in Fall 2019). Rich in visual imagery the film combines contemporary dance, video, music, visual and digital arts to engage the public in an artistic, aesthetic and ethical reflection on the future of human beings and of the body in an age of digital technology, biomedical advances, and artificial intelligence

EVE 2050 — “We are in 2050, in a world where being human no longer means what we’re used to. The technological and biomedical advances of the last 30 years have changed the status of the body and redefined identities. Some humans have embraced technological advances, augmenting their bodies with artificial devices. Others have preferred to hybridize with other species, making organic and living material their own technology. Still others cherish and honour the original body, refusing any modification or lacking the means for enhancement. EVE 2050 takes us to the heart of this amazing world through 5 episodes that follow Eve’s journey. A Symbolic character, of all cultural origins, both child and adult, male, female and transgender, made of flesh or artificial, the central figure of EVE 2050 offers a unique glimpse at humans of the future.”


Creative Director & Choreographer - Isabelle Van Grimde

Director - DAVAI

Music - Thom Gossage

Screenwriter - DAVAI

Based on ideas and research from Van Grimde Corps Secrets & Associate Researchers:

Historian - Dr. Cristian Berco

Neuroscientist - Dr. Marie-Hélène Boudrias

Playwright, Director & Actor - Marie Brassard

Art Critic & Art Historian - Raphaël Cuir

Artist & Researcher in New Contemporary Performative Practices - Dr. Isabelle Choinière

Author & Researcher in Aesthetics & Dance - Roldan Huesca

Art Historian - Dr. Joanne Lalonde

Biologist - Dr. François-Joseph Lapointe

Anthropologist - Dr. Isabelle Lemelin

PHD Student in Psychiatry - Brad Necyck

Artist - Marilène Oliver

Artist & PHD Student in Humanities - Darian Goldin Stahl

Plastic Surgeon - Dr. Jacques Mateu

Occupational Therapist - Dr. Hiba Zafran


Sophie Breton

Felix Cossette

Alice Delapierre

Justin De Luna

Chi Long

Kim Long

Emmanuelle Martin

Erika Morin

Marie Mougeolle

Brontë Poire-Prest

Marine Rixhon

Gabrielle Roy

Georges-Nicolas Tremblay

Soula Trougakos

Rhéa Sky Walsh

Angélique Willkie

Visual & Interactive Design - Jérôme Delapierre

Costume Design - Pascale Bassani & Isabelle Van Grimde

Accessories for the costumes - Marilène Oliver

3D Modelign for the costumes - 33 Degrés

Sculptures from the Work Family Portrait, on loan from artist - Marilène Oliver

Director of Photography (Studio) - Derek Branscombe

Director of Photography (Desert) - DAVAI

Production Designer - Laura Nhem

Editor - Pier-Philippe Chevigny

A Production of Grimde Corps Secrets & DAVAI

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