Human in the Loop

The A-Life Team  

Human in the Loop by the A-Life Team is a collaborative venture between the departments of Art and Design, Fine Arts, Computing Science, and Philosophy at the University of Alberta. It is an interactive art installation that offers an opportunity for viewers to quantitatively evaluate how their actions affect artificial life agents (and vice versa). It invites viewers to engage with an ever-evolving population of agents whose behavior is governed by a simple model of artificial intelligence. Human in the Loop explores how a simple artificial life environment evolves in response to human action over a long period of time. In this first ever installation of Human in the Loop, viewer movements and actions will be recorded and used to model non-playing characters that will later be used to ‘train’ and help evolve the artificial life agents.


Dr. Vadim Bulitko - Head of A-Life

Hope Docking – Producer

Kacy Doucet - A-Life Developer (Netlogo)

Daniel Evans - Visual Artist and Unity Developer

Marilène Oliver - Visual Artist

Dr. Scott Smallwood - Head of Sound Design

Mac Walters - Executive Producer and Consulting