Vadim Bulitko A-Life Project, Dyscorpia Team Member


What does the word “dyscorpia” mean to you?

My involvement with Dyscorpia has been confined to the A-life project which I hope is a step towards understanding interactions between people and very simple but evolving AI.

As one of the primary “engines” behind Dyscorpia, what were you hoping this exhibition might achieve? How does your role as a scientist serve the project?

I think the answer above applies here too.


How does your work speak to the body and our relationship to technology?

It does not (yet).

What is the crossover between the ethics and aesthetics of your work?

I have no comment on that.

What do you believe are the limits of the body in 2019? Can you envision how it will be different in 50 years from now? 100?

As a scientist, I do not know. There are lots of imaginary examples in popular culture such as "Blade Runner 2049".

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