Yves Netzhammer Soliloquies Approach Like Shy Deer


What does the word “dyscorpia” mean to you?

Well, it is more of an atmosphere, this word. In German, i would say it`s a „Lebensgefühl“, a sense of life...

During our time on earth, we should not only care about ourselves: We do have to care about the environment too because our needs and lives depend on this...

As humans, we are very much concerned with gaining things toward our own advantage, and though we try to be good and fair, we can’t always be this way because of the evolution of individualism. We do need too much energy and resources for our way of life. The body, the mortal corpus, is the center of this paradox.


How does your work begin - with an idea, image, something else? How do you speak to the body and our relationship to technology? What is the crossover between the ethics and aesthetics of your work?

I can`t understand technology as separate from the self. It’s a tool to complete us. We do have wishes; we do like to transform. Of course, this is the starting point, where we have to think about the ethical dimension, what we have to do and what we should do (Immanuel Kant).


What do you believe are the limits of the body in 2019? Can you envision how it will be different in 50 years from now? 100?

Ha, funny, no idea. There are still so many limitations. On the other hand, we are strong enough to change and destroy a lot, because of our needs and wishes. I guess, our only way is to enter through a new gate – a new way - concerning empathy and ontology — especially in terms of our further relation to resources.